Sting - "Little Wing"

Saturday Night Live

(see p 46)

Sting - "The Lazarus Heart/Too Much Information"

Tokyo Dome

(see p 272)

Sting - "Set Them Free"

Nelson Mandela FreedomFest

Wembley Stadium - London

(see p 172)

Sting (w Bruce Springsteen) "Every Breath You Take"

Amnesty International "Human Rights Now!"

Buenos Aires, Argentina

(see p 267)

Lotus - "Sex Machine" (audio only)

Grey Culbreth Jr High 8th grade Christmas Dance

Chapel Hill, NC

(see p 140)

Sting "Little Wing"

Arena di Verona

Verona, Italy

(see p 154)

Sting - "Englishman in New York" music video

(see p 83)

"Do Stand So Close": companion videos

My sweet commute from home to Broadway

(see p 310)

Sheba Cat Food commericial rips off Sting's "They Dance Alone" motif

Is nothing sacred?

(see p 69)

Sting with Ziggy Marley - "One World" music video

Recorded at NYC's Record Plant

(see p 86)

Sting w/Ziggy Marley "One World"

MTV Festival Montreux

Montreux, Switzerland

(see p 155)

CultureSonar - Life as a Working Musician: 5 Questions with . . .

Ontario's Brent Jensen and I discuss 7 songs that make MY skin "vibrate"

Zach Martin Rocks! "The Big Fat American Rock Show"